“I’ve suffered from chronic pain since my overseas deployments with the USMC.  The VA told me I’d need surgery and prescribed me heavy pain medications.  For weeks I was seeing a chiropractor however my wife surprised me with a trip to float and at first I was skeptical.  I can’t begin to describe what it feels like to float.  To me it’s something you will have to experience for yourself.  I very much enjoyed my first float session and I look forward to going back in the future!  After my float session I signed up for one of the packages and I plan on floating from now on. 

As a side note:  I’m 6’4 and 240 lbs and there was more than enough room!”

Hakim B. – Frederick, MD



“From the moment you walk in the front door, the beautiful 3-D picture of the floating lily sets the mood for the peaceful ambiance that is present throughout the whole facility.  I spent a few moments going over the form outlining conditions I need to meet to use the float.  After a brief tour of the facility, I was brought to the water massage table.  I lay on it fully clothed for a 15 minute massage…feeling the water under the fabric easing the tension in my back and legs.  Next I was brought to my float room, a lovely space with a raindrop showerhead.  After taking a brief shower, I got into the float enclosure.

The floating was one of the most relaxing, rejuvenating experiences I have ever had.  As I lay there, suspended in the water, all the muscles in my body started to unwind and relax.  This is like a regular massage times 10.

After 60 minutes of floating and a brief shower to wash off the salt water, I went into the Whisper Lounge, had my choice of water or tea, spent a few minutes relaxing before I left Float Frederick with a smile on my face.

Do this for yourself, give this to a friend…you will love it.”

Denise E. – Gettysburg, PA



“I absolutely adore this place!  The owners have done a fantastic job making it a peaceful atmosphere.  It’s one of those places you don’t want to leave.  The hydro massage was surprisingly effective in just 15 minutes and the FLOAT session was amazing.  Really hard to explain.  I was super nervous because I’m claustrophobic, but this facility is created with that in mind and was very manageable for me.  I had a few moments of hesitation with the lights off where I felt uneasy, but the staff had prepared me so well with knowing where things were and what resources were available to me (turning music on/off, lights, fresh water, washcloth) that I was comfortable and finally able to let go.  Feeling completely calm and only hearing your heartbeat is surreal and beautiful.  I slept like a ROCK that night.  I will definitely go back and can’t wait to tell people about this!”

Kelly J. – New Market, MD