Flotation Therapy with Sensory Deprivation Tanks and Hydro Massages are Available Through Float Frederick in MarylandFlotation


Floating is about everything that you WON’T be doing.

You won’t be fighting gravity.  The 800 pounds of Epsom Salt in the water takes care of that while you lie on your back.  It turns out that when you’re not fighting gravity or consistently taking in information, your body has a lot of extra resources at its disposal.  Your mind is free to mull things over without distraction, your brain pumps out dopamine and endorphins, and your body gets to rest, de-stress, and heals.  During your float, the outside world is gone and amazing things happen!

The longer and the more often the float room is used, the stronger the effects become, the longer they last, and the better off someone is when they come in to float again.  This creates a positive spiral of recovery and health that simply works to reinforce itself, giving people a path and a means towards a better life.



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